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Bornholm is a island in the Baltic Sea and is a part of Denmark. Here we were in august 1999.

One sees above, where this island is situated.

And that is the flag of Bornholm:

This island is ideal for a vacation.

There are no masses of tourist, no large hotel bed castles, no industry. But nature purely. Fields, heath landscapes and forests, crystal-clear Baltic Sea water (still cleaner than in Germany), white sand beaches, rocky cliffs, bicycle and wander ways, castle ruins, age-old churches, rune stones, villages and idyllic small towns by multicolored houses in warm colours and the many flowers the something mediterranean flair have. Even there are some fig trees on Bornholm.

At our vacation we lived in Rønne, the largest city on Bornholm.
Here also the big ferry boats arrive.

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A small map of Bornholm.

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Here a some typical things on Bornholm:

The typical food, smoked fish, most herring. On the island are many smokehouses where you can eat fresh smoked fish. And on trips you meets again and again these characteristic smokehouses with the chimneys. Which are however no more all working today as a smokehouse.
But a recommendation are also the many restaurants and lunch restaurants. Yummy the Super-Hamburger (not as bad and poor hamburger like by McDonalds - from this shops are not one branch on Bornholm) and also the Pølser taste very good. Likewise the Pølse-Mix.

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On Bornholm are not so many specialities in comparison to Texel. We did not try Bornholmer Aquavit. As far as I know, this is not a real product from Bornholm.
Much to recommend is the yummy liver pastry from Bornholm!
Yummy also the Bornholm drop from Svaneke. The small factory in the middle in the city can be also visited.

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Recommendable the beers, first choice the well-known famous Tuborg.

Canned beer are not available in Denmark and bottled beer are only in tiny 0.33-bottles. Only one label, Den Store Tuborg, are in normal 0.5-bottles. These cost in approximately as many as the 0.5-bottles in Germany.

Beer is called in Denmark Øl:

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Ever you come across on Bornholm much arts and crafts, particularly on ceramics. But unfortunately this ceramics is expensive contrary to German very.

Not so old like this tradition is a newer branch, the glass blowery. There are several glass blowing factories, which can be also visited. So also we could watch these art craftsmen at Gudhjem the work with hot glass.

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Many bicycle routes are on Bornholm.
Contrary to Germany here bicycle driving seems to be desired.
However be ready specially in the north and on the west-coast of this island for strong (!!) upward gradients. Mountain experiences are of advantage.
Unlike in Germany, the automobile drivers in Denmark are very courteous and safe - even with visiting German drivers. Are good driving behaviors contagious?

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The Bornholmer speaks Bornholmsk. Here a comparison from normal Danish and Bornholmsk:

Thus the Bornholmer is detected immediately in the rest of Denmark by its language.
One could compare with the normal German and the Berlinerisch.

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We traveled on Bornholm with the bang-red buses of the BAT - Bornholms Amts Trafikselskab.

Here are our week tickets:

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How you can reach Bornholm?

Ferryboat lines to Ystad in Schweden, only good two hours to driving duration. To Sassnitz-Fährhafen on Rügen in Germany in Deutschland, about three and a half hours of passage with the BornholmsTrafikken or the DFO Scandlines, with each ferry boat company one travel per day (status in the middle of 1999). To Swinoujscie in Poland in well four hours and in somewhat more than six hours to Kopenhagen, whereby one remains here in the country. To the fact one already sees that the island Bornholm is far away from the motherland and more closely at Germany or Sweden is located.
Additionally there are airline connections to some cities. An airport is situated with Rønne, a second smaller with Rø.

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Bornholm impressions (small however fine):

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There are books concerning Bornholm a whole quantity. To recommend i would like here only two handy paperbacks:

Bornholm - from the Marco Polo series.

Like all books of this series the best selection. Very good are the map of Bornholm in this book.
ISBN 3-89525-915-2

Bornholm - from the MERIAN live! series.

Likewise a good travel guide.
ISBN 3-7742-0298-2

Maps of Bornholm there are many, but the danish ones are designed without details and so they are not suitable for wandering or bicycling. Very good is the map in this here represented Marco Polo book.
I want to recommend the best Bornholm map:

Bornholm - from the KOMPASS-Karten GmbH.

Bornholm Wander- und Radtourenkarte in scale 1:50000, number 236.
ISBN 3-85491-112-2

But one is also well equipped with wander brochures, maps and magazines which are available for free in many shops on Bornholm. Some small cities on Bornholm offer own brochures and maps for the respective places. To present i would like here only the most important, which concern Bornholm completely:
  • Weekly is a thick magazine, the Denne Uges Bornholm - diese Woche with many information, tips and meeting notes. Texts in Danish and German.
  • Handy is the Turist-Bornholm Guide with many information, descriptions of wandering and presentation of various museums, nature beautifulnesses, sport notes, articles about Bornholmer arts and crafts. In addition some maps and city plans. A very good travel guide. Texts into Danish, German and English.
  • For wandering best the thick booklet Bornholm Rundt in high-size with many detailed descriptions of wander ways and city round courses. Here one often finds more information than in bought travel guides. Many pictures and maps. Texts in Danish and German.


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