In Berlin-Falkenberg


The arms of the citydistrict Lichtenberg (and Hohenschönhausen), because Berlin-Falkenberg is a part of this district.
Since the year 1920 is Falkenberg a part of Berlin.

Springtime in Falkenberg.

April 1999

Fog in the morning dawn.

The Luch at winter.

February 1999

Here are pictures from frogs in Falkenberg.

This is the Seelgraben in Falkenberg.
He beginning directly by the Dorfstraße, near the house number 51 (a little source besides the street border?).
Here are the trees and bushes without green leafs, because this picture is from february 1999.

Strange trees besides the Seelgraben.

The Dorfwanderweg Falkenberg. But more a swampway than a wanderway.
In the background the building of Coca Cola.

February 1999

Here it goes to the Blumen-Griep.

Not only our friendly neighbor, also a special shop in Berlin-Falkenberg for Blumen (flowers), gardenery and more in this plants direction.

With Online-Ordering!

The new framework house from Blumen-Griep:

Pictures from the event for the 10th anniversary:

And now ...

... another curiosity from Falkenberg:
The oxes in the Landschaftspark Nord-Ost.

february 1999

A other race are the shaggy brown Highland Cattle:

march 2000

and from 1999:

Here are pictures from the area in the north of Falkenberg, the

A landmark is the stork of Falkenberg, respectively the stork family.

And other things in Falkenberg:

The old Jugendclub (Youthclub) - Dorfstraße 1.
After a big fire it is only a bad ruin since years.

February 1999

The same house from 1830 in old times:

(Picture from the book: Die Dörfer in Berlin)

Falkenberg was first mentioned in 1370 in a document of the Markgrafen Otto des Faulen.

On the cemetery of Falkenberg.
The memorial-board on the Humboldt-Gruft.
The tomb is in the ruin of the village-church.

Since 1791 was the owner of the Rittergut Falkenberg
Marie Elisabeth von Humboldt,
mother from
Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt.

March 1999

A village-church exists today not in Falkenberg.
The church was at the 21th april 1945 from the Waffen-SS destroyed.
Like also the village-churches from Malchow and Wartenberg in the near...

Here a old painting from the year 1834 by Heinrich Wohlers:

(Picture from the book: Alte Berliner Dorfkirchen)

At the Gutspark.
The middle of Falkenberg.

March 1999

This is the old way to the Gutshaus.
But it was in the year 1960 destroyed.

A view of the old Gutshaus in 1959:

(Picture from the book: Die Dörfer in Berlin)

A special stone in the Gutspark:

The hard to read words on this stone are:

Adolfs Ruh

After a old story (?) has with this stone after a dispute before many years the devil smashed a farmer with his horse and wagon.

The old Kate (poor cottage) during the reconstruction:

July 2000

A corn-field in the north of Falkenberg, on the horizon the cranes of the building-place for the new Tierheim:

July 2000

Here are pictures from the Tierheim (animal home).

Here are pictures from the area in the south of Falkenberg.


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