Our guinea-pigs Willy, Emmy & Betty


This was our guinea-pig Willy.

Unfortunately he died at the 15th of july in 1999.

As memorial here a few pictures from his life:

And this was our guinea-pig Betty.

Unfortunately she died at the 5th november 2002.

She was born on the 25th april 1999.
You can see that she was a Goldagouti, breed: Glatthaar ST.
Her mother was Hikari, also from Schäferhof. Her father Kenji comes from the breeding Bide Waterkant. She still had two sisters and two brothers.

This was Emily, called Emmy.

She was born on the 15th june 1999.
You can see, she was mostly black, but also a little bit red with a few white was there. Breed: Glatthaar TdT ST?.
Her mother was Lulu, her father Snoopy, both from the breeding Zum Storchenwinkel. She still had three sisters.

Since August 29th, 1999 both lived with us.

We had bought they at a guinea-pig-exhibition in Berlin-Kaulsdorf.
Both are from the guinea pig breeding from Schäferhof.
The breeder is Aggi-Valesta Schäfer.

Here they are in the garden:

Emily and Betty at eating. Fresh dandelion.

What is this?

Ah! Two extra lazy Pelzler...

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    And at last here the adventure of guinea pig Sooty, a real guinea pig bull:

(Unfortunately only in german -> this story is about Sooty. He escapes from his fencing at night. And in the other fencing he loved all 24 guinea pig ladies this night. After that he sleeps two days. And ten weeks later all 24 guinea pig ladies give birth to little guinea pig babies... )


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